Granite Kitchen Worktops Remain Popular

For several years now, people have preferred granite worktops over other varieties. They look beautiful, are available in several color variations, and can last forever. It's no wonder that people continue to be drawn to them.

Keeping granite worktops looking nice does require some care. While the granite itself won't degrade unless subjected to extreme forces, the finish that makes the worktop smooth and shiny isn't nearly as strong. Therefore, it must be pampered a bit to keep it at its best.

One of the most important things to remember is that granite kitchen worktops must not be subjected to acid. Tomatoes and other acidic foods should never be cut directly on the worktop. Instead, use a cutting board to keep their juices off of the granite. Also, if you spill a glass of tomato juice or citrus juice, wipe it up immediately so that it cannot etch into the finish.

Cleaning granite kitchen worktops must be done with care as well. Use the cleanser recommended by the worktop installer. Avoid scouring powders and other abrasives. Also, be sure to use a soft cloth or sponge for cleaning. Harsh alternatives like steel wool, pumice, or heavy-duty scrub sponges will scratch or cloud the finish.

With good care, the finish on your worktop should last for several years. However, accidents can cause it to wear through in places. It will also wear with time, though how long this takes depends on several factors. Regardless of the cause of wear, it's important to have the finish restored when this happens. The finish is what keeps stains from penetrating into the granite itself, so it is important to keep it intact.

As long as your granite worktop is properly looked after, it will be a source of pride for decades.