A Bathrooms Vanitytops Make the Room

When you walk into the bathroom, the first thing you usually notice is the vanity top. Unlike the room's basic fixtures, this accoutrement is typically bespoke and placed in a prominent spot. In some bathrooms, it's also the largest surface other than the walls and floors. This makes it even more obvious.

Because of this, it's worth it to put extra effort into the appearances of a bathrooms vanitytops. Go for granite for a stunning and somewhat imposing look, or choose marble for a lighter look that is still upscale. If your bathrooms vanitytops are likely to be subject to some abuse, however, you should go with quartz. A quartz vanity top is made from a composite of about 95 percent ground quartz and five percent resin. This makes it both non-porous and denser than the 100 percent stone options.